Sleeping with the enemy? Ontario woman finds raccoon in her bed

Frances Uhran survived the visit of an unusual houseguest who created chaos this week and just wouldn’t leave.

“Came home to a mysterious hole in my ceiling just above my bed,” she wrote on Facebook.


“Went to clean up the mess lifted the pillow and found a coon! really?” she added.


The Grand Valley, Ont. woman told us she scooped up the young raccoon and relocated it to a forest across the road. She also left a little food for the critter. (It’s so cute. Wouldn’t you do the same?)


Now, she has hired a professional to live-trap the other members of its family holed up in her attic. She also spotted the mother raccoon making her way through a hole into the home, where she presumes the family denned all winter.

Uhran isn’t worried about rabies. There are no reported outbreaks in the area. She mostly relieved it was only a young raccoon that tumbled onto her bed.

“This was an adolescent and we are sure there are more,” she said. “Just glad it wasn’t the mamma! that would have been interesting!”

Photos Frances Uhran/Facebook

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