Slippery When Wet: Elephants help calf out of watering hole in South Africa

Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Or rather, trunk. And sometimes, you need two of them.

Wild Wings Safari has just uploaded the appropriately titled video, “Touching video of elephants helping a calf out of a waterhole” to YouTube. The video was taken in Kruger National Park in South Africa on Nov. 19, and it is glorious.

This is what happened.

“An elephant calf gets stuck in a waterhole,” the tour group wrote.


“The mother struggled to get the calf out as the rest of the herd left,” the safari group added.


The tiny elephant wanders down the mucky channel looking for a less slippery escape route. Finally, the herd returns and a more experienced member intervenes with a “helping trunk.”


“They did it,” someone can be heard saying on the video as the calf seems to let out a little grunt while being hoisted to solid ground.

“What I liked the most is how the more experienced female came back to assist the mother in helping the calf out,” Wild Wings posted on Facebook. “Elephants are just the most sensitive creatures.”

Indeed, this is truly one of those rare happily ever after elephant tales.


Here’s the video.

Photos Wild Wings Safaris/YouTube

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