Smiling camel in selfie with three pals goes viral

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Photographer Hossam Antikka posted a selfie with some old friends and a new one on social media.

The old friends were his buddies Karem Abdelaziz, 22, and Misara Salah, 24. The three friends had spent half an hour before the photo was taken feeding a camel in northern Giza, Egypt.

When they decided to take a group selfie, the camel they had been feeding put on its happy face.

Not only are the three friends flashing a wide smile, but the camel is as well.

We had been playing with it and feeding it shortly before I took the picture so I think it was happy to see us. It makes me feel so joyful every time I look at the picture. I think it is God’s way of rewarding me.”

Antikka told Cater News Agency that many people who have seen the photograph have commented on how it’s fully of happiness and positivity.

We agree. If a gleeful camel doesn’t make your day, nothing will.

h/t: Cater News Agency

Photo credit: Antikka Photography

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