Newfoundland purebred name Morgan trained to operate a snowblower

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Morgan, a Newfoundland purebred who lives in British Columbia can probably do more tricks than a five-year-old human.

Morgan’s owner Dean Edwards has a series of videos showing Morgan doing tasks like closing the fridge door or getting firewood through a YouTube channel he created.

The latest trick Morgan has picked up is snowblowing. The neighbours come out to watch and they want to hire her, according to an interview Edwards had with the CBC.

The 125-pound dog began first by pushing a shovel with her mouth.

That was pretty easy for her. We just handed it to her first try and away she went, though you have to keep her in a straight line,” he said.

“She’s good with the fluffy snow, but if it’s a little wet then it’s pretty hard for her.”

Morgan — who is sometimes called Miss Goo because of her drooling — recently graduated to pushing the family’s snow-blower while walking on her hind legs.

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One Comment on "Newfoundland purebred name Morgan trained to operate a snowblower"

  1. Snow Blow Joe December 21, 2018 at 7:04 am · Reply

    Clever dog. I wish my dog would push my snow blower for me.

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