SPCA threatens legal action to remove abused, neglected fur farm animals

Montreal’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it will seek legal action unless the provincial government steps in to shut down a fur farm where animals are being kept in “horrific” conditions. It’s the same farm where an intruder recently snuck in and released minks. Police are still investigating, but that act has left the SPCA worried about it could affect its case.

We told you earlier this month about 80 foxes and 10,000 minks that are either in distress or suffering from a number of health problems at Jean-Luc Rodier’s fur farm ​in Montérégie south of Montreal, according to the Montreal SPCA and the Humane Society International/Canada.

They have now sent a “demand letter” to the Laurent Lessard, Quebec’s Minister of Forests, Fauna and Parks, detailing “the flagrant, serious and ongoing violations of current legislation governing wildlife in captivity.” It urges the government use its power to step in to seize the animals or else face “legal proceedings.”

“It is unconscionable that the MFFP continues to refuse to use its enforcement powers to remove the animals on this fur farm – clearly, the MFFP is more interested in protecting a fur farmer than the animals whom it is legislatively mandated to protect” the SPCA’s lawyer Sophie Gaillard said in statement. “It is disheartening to realize that we need to go so far as to threaten legal action to get our government to do its job.”

The Montreal SPCA continues to urge the public to write letters to Lessard requesting quick action be taken to remove the animals on this fur farm from “hell.”

Photo Jo-Anne McArthur/Montreal SPCA Facebook

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