Squee: Baby and mother gorilla play with bubbles at Calgary Zoo

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Splish splash: Bubbles are for more than just baths.

A baby lowland and her mother at the Calgary Zoo make the most of the rub dub with some soapy bubbles in a tub.

The zoo posted this sweet video of 2-year-old Kimani, and playful mum Kioja, doing what anybody would do when faced with a sea of soapy foam.

Play. Stomp. Dance.

Yup, officially movin’ and a grovin’.

This time watch what Kioja does with the rubber tub.

Bubbles aren’t just for kids, after all.

You can learn more about Calgary’s gorilla troop here and here.

But safe to say, like mother, like daughter.

Baby Kimani and mother Kioja at the Calgary Zoo.

Photos Calgary Zoo/Facebook

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