Squirrel squirrels away all his nuts for safekeeping in Honda Civic

Imagine, this whole conversation in a British accent.

“My car won’t go past 60! Every time I step on the gas, it makes a crackling noise! David, fix it!

(David opens the hood)

“What the ????

For UK mechanic David Evans, discovering the problem of why the Honda Civic kept stalling at 60 wasn’t a hard nut to crack.

The air filter was full of nuts.

In an interview with CBC’s As It Happens, Evans said he excavated the air filter to clear up the problem.

‘We brought her the bag of nuts and told her, ‘This is the problem with your car.’ She was gobsmacked.

Mechanic David Evans hold the bag of nuts he found in the car's engine

Evans says the driver recognized the nuts.

They were the same ones she was leaving out for animals in her back garden. He tells As It Happens host Carol Off it wasn’t hard to figure out what had happened from there.

“I think it was a squirrel who was taking them off the bird table, coming ’round to the front of the house, getting into the garage and climbing up into the engine bay and making its way into the air

h/t: As It Happens 

Photo credit: David Evans



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