Squirrel takes over outfield to steal game from Orioles *and* Yankees

A squirrel made its MLB debut in the New York Yankees’ bullpen this week, before leaping onto the top of the outfield wall and dashing across the field stunning baseball fans in the process.

During Tuesday’s home game against the Baltimore Orioles, a fleet-footed squirrel dashed into play between innings putting on a clinic along the right field wall as the cameras rolled.

“Lookit the faces on the fans,” one on-air announcer says to laughter as the squirrel bounds across the barrier.

Fans appears shocked by the fluffy intruder. Photo: MLB/Twitter

The reactions range from shock to amusement.

Squirrel bound for life as a pinch runner? Photo: MLB/Twiiter

And then the squirrel takes a leap of faith onto the field.

“And now he’s become a flying squirrel,” the announcer says.

Down goes the squirrel. Photo: MLB/Twitter

“Ah, this is not good,” the other adds as the squirrel plummets to the track.

Flying squirrel, indeed. Photo: MLB/Twitter

“He sticks the landing much better than we would,” the announcer retorts. “I tell ya that.”

“Like it’s nothing.”

Sticks the landing. Photo: MLB/Twitter

The video has been viewed millions of times on social media.

“That was nuts!” MLB tweeted.

No kidding.

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