Stalking 300 kg crocodile caught in West Australia

On the front page of the daily here in Perth was a photo of a stalker croc that has been terrorizing fishermen.

The 3.7 metre, 300 kilogram male crocodile has been threateng tourists and stalking fishermen for a while.

With the help of rangers from Nyikina Mangala reserve, the croc was trapped after it began getting too close to people.

Department officer Peter Carstairs said the critter had become a threat in an interview in The West Australian.

“The crocodile had walked through a camp where a child was present.

The crocodile was caught using a cage trap and a piece of meat from feral cattle as bait.

The animal was caught on Sunday and driven 150 kilometre to Broome’s Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park.

It took seven people to drag the crocodile up the riverbank.

Ranger coordinator Dan Keynes characterized the capture as a success.

“The crocodile we removed from the area definitely had the potential to raise problems with tourists and fishermen alike.







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