Starving horse spends first Christmas with loving family

Dakota was 400 pounds underweight.

The 19-year-old horse was also being kept in a small pen. The animal’s hooves weren’t tended to. And, neither were its teeth.

But according to Norfolk, Virginia-based PETA, the starving horse was given up by its owner and taken to a rehabilitation facility to pack some weight back on and find a new forever home.

“For the first time, this 19-year-old horse is celebrating Christmas with a devoted family—one with four granddaughters who adore him,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals explained.

Dakota arrives at a specialized rehab facility. PETA/YouTube

Dakota’s new family couldn’t be happier than to give him experiences he’s never had.

“All horses deserve to be loved by a little girl at least once in their lifetime. And this little guy’s hit the jackpot because he’s got four of them,” Dakota’s guardian Pam, told PETA.

Photos PETA/YouTube

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