Stingrays, tigers, tortoises and more make sure fire predictions for Super Bowl 50

What’s a Super Bowl without the pawed and prickly set offering a set of prognostications.

May we present the annual roundup of critters picks for Super Bowl 50, which will see the Denver Broncos battle the Carolina Panthers this afternoon. It’s a football game designed for critter watchers everywhere.

First, may we present Teddy Bear the Porcupine.

Next up, the baby red-footed tortoises of Moody Gardens.

There’s also this tiger at the Myrtle Beach Safari tackling a mini-helmet on a motorized mini-car.

The Myrtle Beach Safari also has an African elephant in on the act.

A cat named Cass also gets down and dirty on the field.

A whole slew of animals at the Ripley’s Aquariums also try their hands – and fins at the guessing game.

Celebrities aren’t immune to the allure of adorable predictors. Jimmy Fallon invited a panel of puppies onto The Tonight Show to give the the big game their shot.

And, Kelly and Michael weighed in with teacup piglets.

And, the final score? It’s going to be too close to call. But the animal consensus is … a tie.

Denver Broncos – 5-time critter rating
Carolina Panthers – 5-time critter rating


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