Strangers pitching in to help pets affected by the Hawaii wildfires

Hundreds of animals who have been burned or lost during the evacuation process inn Maui need help say animal shelters in Hawaii..

The Hawaiian Humane Society and the Maui Humane Society are asking for the public’s help securing supplies and funding for the animals displaced by the devastating wildfires. At least 93 people have been killed, the highest death toll for a wildfire in a century.

The Maui Humane Society reported its shelter was over capacity before the fires and is now “running extremely low on space, supplies, and fosters” as it tries to help incoming pets.

With our population over capacity before this tragedy, we are running extremely low on space, supplies and fosters. As we are experiencing tragedy or know someone who is, we will need to band together as a community for both our humans and animals. If you are in a position to help, please do – and there are multiple ways to help.

Fires continue to burn with new fires popping up across the island. In this time of crisis, the Maui Humane Society is rallying the community to work together and extend a helping hand and paw to those affected. Whether you are on island or on the mainland, there are ways anyone can help. The society urgently need dog fosters, and expect hundreds of animals are in need of care now. Animals who have been burnt or injured or lost or have smoke inhalation during the evacuation process need the kennel space.

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