Stray cats invade main stage at G20 summit in Turkey

The G20 summit in Turkey had three unannounced guests on Sunday, the four-legged kind.

A group of cats took the main stage moments before leaders of the world’s major economies were due to make an appearance.

The curious felines ran across the stage, sniffed at flowers on display and then scampered off.

You may remember that Istanbul, Turkey has a large number of stray cats.  There are cat hostels, cat cafes everywhere.

A documentary called Nine Lives details that millions of street cats live in one of the world’s most populated cities. There are so many cats that US President Barack Obama even stopped to pet a cat that was a resident at the hotel he was staying at in 2009.

The G20 Summit is being held in Antalya, Turkey more than 700 kilometres away from Istanbul.

Stray cats, it seems, are everywhere in Turkey.


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