Stray dogs rounded up, killed ahead of Sochi Olympics

Stray dogs have never had it easy in Russia or former Soviet Union. Poor little Laika (pictured below) was one of strays scooped up for space training in the 1950s. The pooch went on to become the first critter in orbit – and was later dubbed Muttnik – but died in space.

LaikaNow, officials in Sochi are still rounding up stray dogs and killing them in the name of public safety – and no doubt sightliness – ahead of the 2014 Winter Games, according to a report this week by CTV News. Government officials raised the hackles of pet lovers last year when it said it planned to exterminate about 2,000 stray dogs and cats. Actions were said to have ceased, but now we know sadly, the killing continues.

Visit Lisa Johnson Olive Productions Flickr account for some stunning photos of the stray dogs of Sochi.

h/t CTV Photo Lisa Johnson Olive Productions

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