Street dogs of Honduras get a leg up … with a little help from their friends

As the plight of the stray dogs of Sochi captured the world’s attention during the Winter Olympics, on the other side of the planet a group of animal lovers launched their own effort to help wayward pooches.

A group called Dog Lovers of Honduras set up a Facebook page and fundraising site along with heartbreaking images of skinny, ill, abused or flea-infested dogs in a bid to raise some money to help street dogs in a community where the nearest veterinarian is two hours away.

We are a small, informal group of community members in Copán Ruinas, Honduras, who love dogs (and animals in general) and try to care for the street dogs in our town.

We provide medicine for mange and worms, food for starving street dogs and dogs in families who can’t afford food, emergency health services when possible, sterilization when visiting vets come to town, and occasional adoption services.

It costs $2.50 to de-worm and de-mange a dog and $1.00 to de-flea.
Our food costs are about $50 a month, since we try to distribute food to as many stray dogs in town as we can. Occasionally, if we can board a sick dog or lost puppy, it costs less than $20 per month. Our workers are volunteers.

As sad as some images are, such as this one of a thin mother with a new litter of puppies, others show uplifting success stories of happy dogs and animals on the mend.



Photos Dog Lovers of Honduras/Facebook

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