Students needing luck on final exams visit a special fish in Saskatchewan

This is a fish tale about luck and superstition and rational thoughts.

For years students in the geology department at the University of Saskatchewan visit a special fish just before their final exams. The fish name Terri has powers, according to some believers, which can foreshadow how well students do.

According to Drake Meili a U of S geology student, the feistier Terri is looking, the better the mark on the exam.

In an interview with CBC Radio’s Saskatoon Morning, Meili said Terri isn’t the most active fish.

It’s one of the oldest specimens that they have in captivity … in the world,” bragged Meili. “I’ve only actually ever seen it move a couple of times in about five years.”

Terri came to the university fully grown way back in 1999 through a private donor. The fish first came with a companion, which died in an unfortunate accident — one that Terri survived.

Now, Terri has become an unlikely prognosticator for students trying to ward off the jitters before final exams.

Meili explains that this has been going on now for years. Students will come and visit the spotted gar, looking for some sign they’ll ace the test.

“If it’s out there and it’s looking happy then I should be happy too, and I think that confidence really pushes you on in the exam.”

Meili, who is close to earning his degree, has been doing this himself now for years, and said that he’s not about to stop now.

If you’re keen to try Terri’s luck for yourself, the wise old fish of indeterminate gender can be found in the geology building at the U of S, near the stegosaurus skeleton.

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