Summer of the Shark in South Carolina as 800 pound tiger shark reeled in

In South Carolina, they’ve been calling this year the “Summer of the Shark.”

And according to the Post Courier, the oldest and largest news source in Charleston SC, this summer just got a bit creepier after an 800-pound, 13-foot tiger shark was reeled in less than a mile off from Washout, a popular surfing hangout on Folly Beach.

The catch was made by Joe Morris and Mike Huff. A few days before the fishing buddies caught a 700-pound shark that was 11-foot long.

“There’s a bunch of them out there. We catch a couple every night,” Huff said in an interview in the Post Courier

The 13-footer was so big it had to gutted before it could be pulled aboard and took five people to get it on the dock, he said. In a bit of an understatement, Huff said: “She was huge.”

The sharks were sold to seafood stores and wholesale outlets, he said.

South Carolina is a popular spot for sharks. According to the Post Courier, 39 of the world’s 400-plus species are found off South Carolina.

Few bites occur, despite thousands and thousands of people in the water each year. Most bites are just tasting nips by smaller sharks when a human thrashing in murky water is mistaken for prey, experts agree.

h/t: Mike Huff

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