Suspect in stolen car run from police, then the cows got involved

Police in Florida got some assistance  after a suspect in a stolen car ran into a field and was corralled by a herd of cows.

The incident which occurred on Aug 6 was all captured by police helicopter surveillance.

It showed two suspects crashing a stolen car then bailing and making a run for it.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s office posted this:

With the help of the Sanford Police K-9 Division, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and modern technology, another case was closed with success.
#YouShouldHaveMoovedOver #StopMooving #TooUtterlyCloseToTheCow #K9Bane #TeamWork #SPD

A herd of cattle provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!

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