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September 16, 2020, No comments

A trio of humpback whales – usually bound for Antarctica this time of year – took a wrong turn, heading up a crocodile-infested north Australian river with scientists hoping Saturday […]

The ultimate penguin selfie captured in Antarctica

March 8, 2018, No comments

It’s not exactly Sunset Boulevard. But these emperor penguins are dressed to the nines and might as well be saying, “All right, Mr. DeMi ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Drone captures harmony of Blue whale mother and calf

February 3, 2016, No comments

‪The crew of the MV Steve Irwin was in search of illegal fishing boats and other criminals of the high seas when it encountered something truly magi ...

What happens when a leopard seal meets a kayak? Both win

April 22, 2014, No comments

A group of kayakers in Antarctica got a pretty cool view recently of a leopard seal. The encounter, captured by GoPro and posted to YouTube this month ...