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February 8, 2020, No comments

They may look like an odd couple, but it turns out coyotes and badgers have long been known for their mutually beneficial friendships. The Peninsula Open Space Trust recently captured […]

Albino badger caught on camera is proving very popular online

July 16, 2019, No comments

The unusual animal was actually first captured on video two years ago. But an albino badger gobbling up some grain in Oxford filmed by motion sensor c ...

Badger singlehandedly buries cow 10 times its size and it’s all caught on video

April 1, 2017, No comments

It’s the weekend and if you’re feeling lazy, think about the diligent work of the American badger. A particularly industrious badger is ge ...

John Lewis Christmas ad features wildlife jumping on a trampoline and one very jealous dog

December 8, 2016, No comments

Okay, maybe this is the best advertisement featuring animals this holiday season. British retailer John Lewis features a father, frantically assembli ...