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April 16, 2017, No comments

Salma Hayek is a big animal lover. She claims to have 50 pets and has often posted on Instagram videos and photos of her beloved menagerie. Via Instagram, she delivered […]

Wah?? Black bear with blue face spotted in British Columbia

September 3, 2015, No comments

A black bear with a blue face–likely after he went after a container of paint–has been spotted in Mission, British Columbia. According to ...

Odd coloured lobsters hauled up in traps puzzling and dazzling fishermen across the Maritimes

June 11, 2015, No comments

What colour should your lobster be? Most would say that depends on whether the lobster is cooked or not. After being boiled alive in water, lobsters, ...

Sochi Olympic’s forgotten mascot: Zoich, the blue frog

February 11, 2014, No comments

Meet Zoich, a symbol of Russian malcontent and here’s why he’s not a mascot in the Sochi Games. For the record, the Russian blue frog is n ...

  • Do dogs see in colour?
    July 22, 2013, No comments

    A new study suggests things aren’t so black and white in the canine world. Dogs can also detect hues of blue and yellow. Want to know what it’s like to see […]