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February 1, 2020, No comments

The love for a dog knows no bounds — or price tag, it seems. One pet owner is spending $6-million (US) on a Super Bowl ad featuring his pooch as […]

Study shows dogs can be trained to sniff out cancer

April 9, 2019, No comments

Dogs can find bombs or drugs. They can track missing kids or bad guys. And now, research is showing their sense of smell is so strong dogs can even sn ...

Thursday Turtles: Oldest case of bone cancer found in 240 million year old turtle shell

February 14, 2019, No comments

Turtles didn’t always have shells and during the Triassic period, about 240 million years ago, a shell-like turtle has been found with bone canc ...

Petition to name statue in Toronto after Smiley the blind therapy dog

October 24, 2017, No comments

A petition to commemorate the life of Smiley the blind therapy dog is gaining traction. Smiley, who was celebrated across North American as a puppy mi ...