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February 10, 2019, No comments

Chimpanzees at the Belfast Zoo took a downed branch as opportunity to make a great escape — sort of. Zoo visitors Danielle Monaghan and Dean McFaul filmed the incredible incident […]

Freedom at last for 10 laboratory chimpanzees now home-sweet-home at Project Chimps

September 4, 2018, No comments

For years, in some cases decades, the chimps lived in a research lab. They never knew life outdoors, or without being observed and prodded by scientis ...

Drones cause bears heart rates to soar according to new study

August 28, 2015, No comments

Nifty footage circulate when drones captures wildlife in their natural habitat. They’ve been used for important scientific research that couldn& ...

The way to a chimps’ heart is through their stomachs

January 21, 2014, 1 Comment

Why do we as critters of the human kind like companionship with other human critters? Human critters have had biological success because we have been ...