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April 3, 2019, No comments

An activist group and a French ocean observatory are warning that record number of mutilated dolphins are washing up off the coast of France with most of the injuries as […]

Frisky porpoise who likes to rub against humans causes swimming ban off coast of France

August 27, 2018, No comments

Zafar the dolphin likes getting close to swimmers on the coast near Landevennec in France where his amorous attentiosn has led to the temporary closur ...

First great white shark spotted off coast of Spain in 40 years

June 29, 2018, No comments

There have been over the years unconfirmed rumours and sightings of the white shark in the Cabrera Archipelago off the coast of Spain. But documented ...

US Coast Guard rescues 800 pound leatherback turtle

August 22, 2014, No comments

You don’t tangle with an 800-pound leatherback turtle, unless you’re the Coast Guard. Crew members from Coast Guard Station Cape May, N.J ...