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October 2, 2018, No comments

A gay penguin couple had to return a baby penguin after snatching the infant from its heterosexual couple. The fight was so fierce that zoo staff had to intervene when […]

Odense Zoo invites guests to watch lion dissection

October 13, 2015, No comments

The Odense Zoo in Denmark at the centre of another debate about how zoo animals are treated in life and death. The Danish facility said it plans to i ...

Baby bunny killed on live radio to raise awareness about animal welfare

May 26, 2015, No comments

A radio station in Denmark killed a rabbit on air to make a point about animal welfare. Yes, you read that correctly. Radio24syv hosts Asger Juhl a ...

Another giraffe, also named Marius, set to be killed in Denmark

February 13, 2014, No comments

Under the category of: Are you frigging kidding me? comes this story Trust the Guardian to come up with the best lede: If you are a giraffe and your n ...