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September 7, 2020, No comments

For 35 years, Kaavan has lived at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad — most recently in appalling conditions and in failing health. But now veterinary checks have deemed the male […]

How does a puffin scratch an itch? With a stick, it turns out

January 8, 2020, No comments

Long known as geniuses of the animal kingdom, wild primates and elephants have been known to use tools such as sticks and rocks. But for the first tim ...

Stranded baby elephant rescued by Indian workers after getting stuck in a lake

May 12, 2019, 1 Comment

Using boats and a lot of patience, rescuers managed to get a baby elephant out of a lake in India. The elephant calf was stranded in the Deepor Beel l ...

Rhino poacher trampled to death by an elephant and then eaten by lions

April 7, 2019, No comments

In the end, all that was left was a skull and some pants. Officials in South Africa’s Kruger National Park said that’s all that could be r ...