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December 31, 2018, No comments

Ringing in the New Year can the worst time of year for many pets. But along with keeping your pet calm, safely indoors and away from fireworks celebrations, Ford Europe […]

Pepper’s big adventure at JFK finally ends at cops capture rogue airport cat

April 29, 2018, No comments

For a week, Pepper was on the lam. The 4-year-old tabby cat was to board a flight from New York’s JFK International Airport bound for China with ...

Mama dog Maggie breaks out of kennel to comfort puppies

February 4, 2016, No comments

Ok, get ready to dab at your eyes with this story. They see a lot of adorable things at the Barker’s Pet Motel near Edmonton, Alberta in Canada ...

Kennel Club bans frisbee throws for dogs for safety reasons

June 23, 2014, 1 Comment

Dogs love chasing frisbees and catching them. But is the activity too dangerous? The Kennel Club in the UK has now added frisbee to its list of danger ...