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August 27, 2020, 1 Comment

Each fox arrived with a tragic story. Slowly, Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Manitoba nursed three kits and an adult female back to health — together. And now, this makeshift […]

Canada Problems: Skunk family crosses road in the most adorable way

July 17, 2018, No comments

Phil Morley recently stopped to take the most daring video. He paused to record a mother skunk and her seven kits crossing a residential road in Calg ...

Cute Alert: Freddie the dog and her humans raise triplet baby skunks

October 12, 2016, No comments

They may be little stinkers, but these baby skunks are loved by their human – and dog – family. The trio, born little more than two month ...

Pitbull stabbed by pug owner

November 24, 2013, No comments

This was a pretty horrific story: two dogs, two owners, and a deadly encounter at Vancouver’s Kits Beach. The pug was off-leash and came up to t ...