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June 21, 2018, No comments

Koko knew rock stars. And movie stars. She treated them no differently than she did her brood of kittens and cats — with love and respect. She had a vocabulary […]

What happens when Flea meets gorilla? Koko rocks, obviously

September 2, 2016, No comments

Just Koko the gorilla playing a little bass with Flea. As any sign language fluent gorilla is want to do. As in Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, w ...

See how they grow: Koko the gorilla loves playing with her cats

February 17, 2016, No comments

They grow up so fast. And, Koko the gorilla is witnessing that first hand as her kittens become cats. Koko enjoys interacting with the the kittens, n ...

Watch Koko the gorilla’s emotional plea to protect the planet

January 9, 2016, No comments

Animals are supremely intelligent. If Koko’s message urging us all to save the planet doesn’t convince you, then perhaps nothing will. The ...