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September 26, 2018, No comments

Scientists have discovered molecules of fat in an ancient fossil to reveal the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record that lived on Earth 558 million years ago. The strange […]

Oldest panda in captivity Jia Jia dies at age 38 in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park

October 16, 2016, No comments

The world’s oldest living panda in captivity has died in Hong Kong after her health rapidly went downhill over the last two weeks. Ocean Park i ...

Jia Jia, oldest living panda in captivity, celebrates her 37th birthday (That’s 110 years old in panda years!)

August 4, 2015, No comments

If you’re a critter and celebrating a birthday, the bestest present ever, it would seem, is ice cake. To celebrate Jia Jia’s birthday, the ...

Ale, the oldest eel in Sweden, dies at age 155

September 15, 2014, No comments

Åle the eel was a legend in Sweden. The oldest eel in Sweden (al is eel in Swedish) died after living an unprecedented 155 years. The eel has been in ...