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September 18, 2020, No comments

The parody IG Nobel Prize award is given each year to dubious, but real research that has been done by researchers around the world and this year’s winners include a […]

Rare albino fur seal pup spotted in Russia

September 15, 2020, No comments

A rare seal pup has been spotted in Russia and the biologist who spotted the unusual animal is worried that it might be rejected by its colony. The gi ...

Stray dog painted as tiger in cruel act in Malaysia

September 10, 2020, No comments

An activist rescue group in Malaysia is offering a reward after a street dog was found painted like a tiger. Facebook commentators on the Animal Malay ...

Killer whale who carried dead calf for weeks gives birth to live calf

September 8, 2020, No comments

A baby calf born to a killer whale from an endangered pod off Washington State and British Columbia is being greeted with celebration. J35, also known ...

  • Rescuers reunite pets with owners in Beirut
    August 10, 2020, No comments

    Volunteers have been working to reunite lost pets with their owners after a the massive explosion in Beirut. Animals Lebanon, an NGO based in Beirut, focused not only on bringing animals back […]