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May 25, 2020, No comments

Critterfiles is back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mini horse and donkey say: Stay indoors

March 16, 2020, No comments

The former governor of California is telling people to heed the advice of the current one to stay home. Arnold Schwarzenegger said people should pay a ...

Marnie the happy dog who inspired other senior adoption dies at age 18

March 10, 2020, No comments

A senior dog whose lolling tongue made her an Internet celebrity has died of old age at the age of 18. Marnie had 1.8 million followers on Instagram a ...

1st known human to dog transmission of COVID-19 “low-level infection”

March 8, 2020, No comments

A pet dog belonging to a woman with COVID-19 has contracted a “low-level infection” from its owner, according to news reports from Hong Ko ...