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December 17, 2019, No comments

In a legal first, animal rights activists have asked Germany’s top court to ban the practice of castrating young male pigs without anaesthetic—with the piglets themselves listed as the plaintiffs. […]

Wednesday Zen Moment: Pig helping pig is something to squeal about

August 14, 2019, No comments

Can you help a brother — pig? Check out this video of a pig rooting through some hat to bring to his brother who can’t really get around. ...

Millions of chickens, thousands of pigs are victims of Hurricane Florence

September 20, 2018, No comments

The devastating impact of Hurricane Florence is being cataloged in North Carolina’s poultry industry and pig farms. A tally by the state’s ...

New Gucci campaign features Harry Styles and a barnyard of adorable animals

September 18, 2018, No comments

Even Harry Styles has trouble being the centre of attention when his sidekicks are this cute. The Evening Standard proclaimed him “king of the p ...

  • Comfort animals on flights: Is it going too far?
    October 7, 2015, 1 Comment

    It’s one thing to have trained therapy dogs at airports helping anxious travellers release some anxiety before boarding flights. But increasingly, people are relying on comfort animals to get them through […]