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January 15, 2020, No comments

California is home to mountain lions — and every so often they do run into people. But never quite like this. Police in suburban Pleasanton, which is about halfway between […]

Passenger dog taken to safety after Manitoba RCMP pull over a suspected drunk driver

November 27, 2019, No comments

We all know drunk driving kills. Yet some people still get behind the wheel while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Earlier this week, RCMP in Manitoba ma ...

File Under Canada: Police stop traffic to help elk cross road

November 23, 2019, 1 Comment

People in the Rocky Mountain town of Canmore, Alberta are used to seeing elk. But perhaps not quite like this. Filmmaker Andy Arts was driving along t ...

VIDEO: Off-duty cop caught on camera stoning wombat to death

October 3, 2019, No comments

An Australian police officer filmed stoning a wombat to death, is at the centre of a controversial debate over whether the killing is justified under ...