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October 31, 2019, No comments

Confirmed: She’s cute times about a gazillion. The Calgary’s Zoo’s red panda cub is now wandering out and about to the squees of delight from guests. The cub’s name is […]

Red panda becomes buzz of Belfast as it goes briefly on the lam

January 29, 2019, 2 Comments

Daring zoo escape or crime of opportunity? It seems Amber the red panda took some time away from the Belfast Zoo this week and is no worse for wear. & ...

Squee! Twin red panda cubs romp, climb and play at the Calgary Zoo

October 8, 2016, No comments

They’re red and fuzzy and all-around adorable. Twin male red panda cubs made their debut at the Calgary Zoo yesterday. The pair was born on Ju ...

Cute alert: Red panda cub at Calgary Zoo has bright new name

November 19, 2015, No comments

Usha means “dawn” or “sunrise” in Japanese. And, for zookeepers in Calgary, it is a fitting new name for an adorable red panda ...