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November 22, 2019, No comments

A baby giraffe abandoned by its mother has a new best friend in a dog. The pair live at The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa now and a few days […]

Critically endangered eastern black rhino calf born at Lincoln Park Zoo

May 22, 2019, No comments

Baby rhino. Do do. Do do do do. Baby rhino. And so cute. Do do. Do do do do. So cute. Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo announced the birth of the [&he ...

Rhino poacher trampled to death by an elephant and then eaten by lions

April 7, 2019, No comments

In the end, all that was left was a skull and some pants. Officials in South Africa’s Kruger National Park said that’s all that could be r ...

Child falls into rhino enclosure at Florida Zoo, condition unknown after making contact with rhino’s snout

January 2, 2019, No comments

A child who stumbled into an enclosure for rhinoceros at a Florida Zoo was taken to hospital after getting injured following contact with the snout of ...