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January 11, 2019, No comments

They may look cute, but they have become unwelcome house guests. One community on the northern peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador is dealing with dozens of harp seals that wandered […]

Mass whale stranding in New Zealand leaves 145 whales dead

November 27, 2018, No comments

A remote New Zealand beach is the scene of a mass stranding after two pods of whales landed and were unable to get back into the water. The pods of [& ...

Wednesday Zen Moment: Humans helping save stranded whales captured in drone video

November 22, 2017, No comments

The video is beautiful and sad. It will make you feel happy and devastated. But your humanity will be renewed by watching it. Volunteers in Indonesia ...

Update: Cows stranded on tiny patch of grass after New Zealand 7.9 earthquake rescued

November 15, 2016, No comments

Three New Zealand cows who became the focus of international attention after they were spotted in aerial footage stranded on top of a ravine have been ...