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August 15, 2017, No comments

Hans Nilsson of Eda, Sweden had long hoped to film a white moose. And last Thursday, the local commissioner lucked out when the beautiful, majestic animal waded through a pond […]

Meatless Monday: Swedish jockey defends eating her own horse after horse put down following injury

January 11, 2016, No comments

Amateur horse racer Helena Ståhl thought it was perfectly reasonable to save and eat the meat of her beloved horse Iffy Mant after the animal was sev ...

Sweden and Saudi Arabia diplomatic spat bans 4 pgymy marmosets

April 9, 2015, No comments

The pygmy marmoset is one of the world’s tiniest primates. But four of the critters are now caught in a diplomatic row between two of the most ...

Moose attacks man, man then attacks moose

July 1, 2014, No comments

It takes balls of steel to confront a moose. But the gambit paid off for a Swedish man after a moose charged at him in his backyard. The moose made [& ...