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January 12, 2018, No comments

Animal welfare advocates have been pushing for decades to get the Swiss government to ban the culinary practice of throwing live lobsters into boiling. This week, Switzerland passed reform of […]

Sick cow airlifted off Swiss mountain

July 28, 2015, No comments

Swiss dairy farmers are pretty fond of their cows, as you can see in this video. The short video a few years ago shot by a tourist who was staying [&h ...

Swiss police, firefighters save donkey wedged in manhole

November 5, 2014, No comments

The headline in The Local, Switzerland’s English news site, summed up Nilo’s predicament best: “Basel firefighters rescue ass stuck ...

Swiss hotel allows visitors to sleep with the dogs – sort of

October 20, 2014, No comments

This Swiss hotel may be a dog lovers paradise. The Husky Lodge in Muotathal, Switzerland invites guests to stay in a luxury digs next to the kennels ...