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February 1, 2016, No comments

Scientists are calling it a human-caused case of artificial evolution as “intense trophy hunting” is wiping out bighorn sheep populations. At least in terms of their horn size, according to […]

Lions now protected under U.S. Endangered Species Act

December 22, 2015, No comments

Nearly wiped out from loss of habitat, food, inadequate management and indiscriminate hunting, the United States has announced historic measures to he ...

Small fines for bighorn sheep poachers in Alberta

October 25, 2015, No comments

Five men have been fined a total of $24,500 for killing and abandoning four bighorn sheep in northern Alberta, the province has announced. The men ple ...

Conservationists outraged after big tusker elephant shot in Zimbabwe by German hunter

October 18, 2015, No comments

Apparently the worldwide outrage over the death of Cecil the lion has had no impact on the sport hunting community. A German hunter has paid about $60 ...