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October 30, 2019, No comments

The dog’s name is unknown. Given what is known, it is possible the canine that chased the leader of the jihadist group down a tunnel in northwest Syria is actually […]

International Dog Day celebrates all the happy dogs in the world

August 26, 2019, No comments

Puppies and dogs were made for Twitter. Here are some of the best ones for International Dog Day in the final dog days of summer. Celebs weighed in, s ...

Cat-man Burt Reynolds is exactly why the internet was created

May 26, 2019, No comments

Jasmin Kaset wins the internet. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter snapped the perfect composition of her cat with an image of Burt Reynolds. The i ...

New groomer gives husky a bit more of a shave than expected

April 1, 2019, No comments

Hannah Gomez took her husky to a new groomer to get a bit of a shave. But as she posted on Twitter, the dog came back with a very very […]