Tall Task: Elephant performs impressive balancing act Basel Zoo

Ever play that stick stacking balancing game? The one where you try to place wooden sticks on top of an object — and each other — before they tumble over.

Well, one elephant at the Basel Zoo in Switzerland recently decided to do just that.

TikTok user Julien Perceval captured the amazing playtime moment of one very patient, persistent and precise elephant.

The elephant first picks up a large log with its trunk and them lumbers over to a tall stump in its enclosure.

That’s where the animal uses its trunk and tusks to lift it above its head and place the teetering log horizontally across the top of the stump. The entire feat takes under a minute.

The elephant appears to be entertaining itself. Photo: Julien Perceval/TikTok

“What strength,” Perceval posted on social media.

No kidding.

The video has counted more than 112,000 views in just a couple of days.


Quelle force 😱

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