Tar-covered hawk saved in New York City with a little elbow grease and mayo

The hawk was definitely in a sticky situation when it was found recently in Manhattan’s Carl Schurz Park.

Wildlife rehabber Tristan Higginbotham shared the tale of a tar-covered hawk in a series of social media posts.

A ranger caught the poor bird and that’s when a team of wildlife rescuer workers went to work.

“It’s been all hands on deck to get this young hawk standing again!” Higginbotham wrote on Twitter.

The solvent of choice: Mayonnaise. Yes, mayo.

And, a lot of vigorous scrubbing.

“It’s legs and feet were completely stuck to the body, and was under anesthesia,” Higginbotham explained.

Oil in the mayo breaks down the tar. It took a few such creamy baths to get the bird back in shape for flight.

Pro tip: Mayo works on a number of tacky situations.

And maybe, just maybe there’s a beauty tip here, too.

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