Taylor Swift’s Instagram stars … her ridiculously adorable cats

Taylor Swift is clearly a cat person. Much ink has been dedicated to her love of cats as every publication from US magazine to Vanity Fair to Jezebel have kept their readers (and the singer’s fans) breathlessly informed about every step in the lives of her feline friends. So, we figured it’s about time we weighed in. These are the fur babies belonging to a Grammy winner.

This is Meredith.

This is Olivia Benson.

This is both cats.

Here’s a series of more adorable cat photos. They are Scottish Folds. The breed is most recognizable for a gene that makes their ears fold down, and the species look perpetually surprised or pissed off; sometimes both.

And, thus ends the recent adventures of this pair of cool cats. We’ll leave it to you to decide if you’re with Team Meredith or Team Olivia Benson.

Photos Taylor Swift/Instagram

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