The opposite of the laughing Chewbacca video is this big-mouthed, pouty fish looking very sad

This is the polar opposite of the record breaking Facebook Live video posted by  Candace Payne from Texas who won the Internet with her hysterical video of putting on her Chewbacca mask.

Payne’s joy (geddit?) at her electronic mask purchased from Kohl (which has seen sold out of them) caught everyone’s attention with her unbridled laughter. The mother-of-two from Texas can be heard saying that the mask is her present to herself.

Here now is the opposite of that video. It’s a big mouthed, pouty fish caught in the ocean depth by E/V Nautilus . As the commentators observe the fish is “all mouth” and “looks sad”

The fish is very sad which leaves one of the observers to note that the fish reminds her of a children’s book about a pouty fish with all these other friend fishes who try to cheer him up.

For this video, the fish just remains sad, very sad.

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