The Queen celebrates her birthday in equestrian style

The Queen’s love of horses is well known — and, on the eve of Her Majesty’s birthday, the Royal Family has shared the most magical photo.

“Ahead of The Queen’s 96th Birthday tomorrow, Royal Windsor Horse Show have released a new photograph of Her Majesty with two of her fell ponies, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale,” the Royal Family said in a social media post.

In the photo, a smiling Queen Elizabeth II, clad in hunter’s green cloak, is flanked by the two almost snow-white horses amid a backdrop of blossoming trees.

It was taken last month in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

It’s also the fourth in a series of photos released by the Royal Windsor Horse Show to celebrate various milestones of the monarch. Her Golden Jubilee, 90th birthday and this year’s Platinum Jubilee.

“First staged in 1943, The Queen has attended every single Royal Windsor Horse Show,” the palace added.

The Queen is frequently photographed on horseback.

She has been riding horses since childhood — and nothing seems to be slowing that passion down.

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