In a zombie apocalypse, you take the cat, you idiot! The dog is the worst

This video of two brothers pranking their little sister Millicent that a zombie apocalypse was on its way is hilarious.

Millicent Phillips, who had her wisdom teeth pulled, woke up after the surgery in a medicated state.

Her brothers decided that the timing was perfect to pull off the ultimate prank.

A car radio warning on the ride home with a doped-up Millicent in the front seat was the start of the wild adventure.

The fake report included a warning that people were dying and there were reports of cannibalism.

But for us at Critter Files, the best part was not when Millicent chastised her brother for loading garden equipment into the car rather than guns but her response to the question:

We can only take one pet. The dog or the cat?”

Millicent’s response:

The cat, you idiot!

He’s the worst. He’s already dying. Leave him. Get the cat.”

Later, Millicent explained on The Ellen Show that the dog never liked her.

“I’ve been getting a lot of hatred about this from the dog people, naturally,” Millicent said. “[Our dog] bites, he’s tiny, and he’s like 10 years old. He’s kind of just like a grumpy old man at this point. He’s never returned the love I’ve given to him. It’s so hurtful.”

Ellen DeGeneres presented her with a shirt commemorating her famous line, a vacation for the family, and some gifts for her dog, Napoleon, and her beloved cat, Hercules, now that everyone “survived” the zombie attack.

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