Things that make you go ahhhhhh: Wiggly, sleepy twin panda cubs

Pandemonium, er rather, pandamonium continues at the Toronto Zoo where twin giant panda cubs are growing like weeds.

The cubs are doing so well, they’ve grown out of their incubator and have been moved to a larger one, the zoo said today. Now six weeks old, the cubs continue to amaze zookeepers – and animal lovers – around the world. Their mother, Er Shun, is also doing well.


“The giant panda keepers and Chinese experts continue to twin-swap the cubs with Er Shun and as they grow, both cubs are being supplemented with formula,” the zoo noted on YouTube where it uploaded the latest video of the pair. “The only time the cubs are not with mom is when she is eating bamboo. Since Er Shun is a lactating mother, staff have been very focused on increasing her bamboo intake which is very important to maintain her milk production.”

The zoo still hasn’t determined the gender of the cubs. But one thing is clear. They really, really like sleeping. And they are being kept from public view while they continue to grow and bond with their mother tucked away in the maternity area.



Photos Toronto Zoo/Facebook

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