This is the face that launched an epic Twitter war: #CuteAnimalTweetOff

U.S. President Donald Trump may wield incredible power on Twitter, but cute animals always win the 140-characters war.

This week, for example, we witnessed a “cute animal tweet off,” which inadvertently started with this adorable seal pup from the National Zoo.

And so, the hashtag #CuteAnimalTweetOff was also born. The Virginia Aquarium threw down the gauntlet.

And so, the National Zoo fired back with this.

This is one rabbit hole you really do want to go down. Watching animal lovers troll each other may be the best thing on the internet.

Zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries and shelters around the world joined in the fun. This, we promise, will be the most productive Friday you’ve ever had.

You’re welcome.

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