Three charged with slapping police horse at Queen’s University homecoming

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Homecoming at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario has long been known for its debauchery. But this year’s partying has hit a new low.

Three people have been charged after slapping a police horse. That’s right. Idiots hit a police horse. Two men and one woman now face criminal charges for their stupidity.

But don’t worry, Murney, the city’s newest police horse, wasn’t injured.

“Police horse, Murney, still in training. Startled by slaps but kept her restraint. 3 accused to be charged with Injury to Animal,” police posted on Twitter.

Queen’s students have had a history of going overboard on the fun, but this year, the number of criminal charges actually decreased compared with last year.

Through it all, the Kingston Police have maintained a sense of humour.

Ah, but in fact, it appears she did.

This video has now surfaced of what appears to be a woman, wearing a Queen’s rugby shirt, slapping a police horse before the horse gets the final word.

Photos Kingston Police/Twitter 

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