Thursday Throw Down: Who’s better at stealing food? Squirrels or seagulls

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In this first instalment of Thursday Throwdown, we let two known champs at stealing food duke it out for critter supremacy.

In one corner, the Sneaky Squirrel.

Squirrels are known for getting into tight spots and squeezing their tiny squirmy, flexible bodies into odd places in order to get their paws on anything they can stuff into their mouths. We’ve seen them steal chocolate bars and squirrel away nuts in Honda Civics.

They can even get into vending machines.

The challenger: The Snatching Seagull.

Seagulls can’t resist taking food from crying babies, unsuspecting beachgoers and senior citizens enjoying ice cream.

They can snatch food from open windows and particularly enjoy targeting picnic tables. Seagulls will eat anything, unlike squirrels who will go out of their way for Baby Ruth chocolate bars. No seagull can resist Doritos.

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